TASC Systems produce software for dealing with fresh produce, including barcoding, inventory and payment tracking systems. Our software products are used in apple packhouses in New Zealand and handles millions of cartons a year. For further information see the introductions to each package below or contact us.


LabelPal takes the fruit from arrival at the packhouse to when it is loaded out and sent to market. It handles printing pallet cards and pack labels. If you are looking for a simple program to reduce the work, the costs and overcome the issues with managing fruit through the packhouse, then use LabelPal. 

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Software for In-line or At-Packing Carton label printing. Suits a variety of setups allowing packhouses to invest in equipment as their needs and capital grow.


An Inventory management system that takes care of product from when it arrives from the packhouse to when it is shipped to the customer. Stockpack stands out from the competition for its ease of use in performing what are usually considered complicated stock operations.


WhirlPool is an industry leading income and expense tracking program that combines with a revolutionary pooling system. See the copy of the article “To pool or not to pool” in the library section for further details. No PDF currently available


To be able to view packhouse or coolstore information in a consistent way, our reporting tools have been seperated into a standalone program. Some of reports included in Datapack are… – Pack reports, specially formatted run type information in an easy to understand, grower friendly report. – Table reports, flexible summary type information that allow the user to define exactly what he wants to see. – Spreadsheet reports, with column filtering and customising. No PDF currently available.


A program for setting up codes and products for use within our other packhouse software products. Freshstart is fully PIITSA standard compliant and the generated data can be saved in a variety of formats. Freshstart will also import data from other systems that follow the PIITSA guidelines. No PDF currently available.


WYSIWYG Label designer that can work standalone for all your label printing requirements or as part of the TASC sofware where its templates are automatically filled with information from the TASC software.



When you want easy, sophisticated control of your sizer operation from an office PC use the TASC Powerpack software. The software is designed to be connected with the TASC sizer controllers to facilitate sizer management.