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Mechanical Sizer Upgrades A introductory article on upgrading a mechanical sizer to a TASC computer control system View PDF

Packhouse Software wins award – Hawkes Bay Today  Our packhouse software has won the Fourneau award from the Hawkes Bay Fruitgrowers’ Association for an idea, innovation of modification that improves efficiencies or reduces cost. View PDFotaw1





MacDonald Sizer Magnet Upgrade Options
A new solenoid unit has been developed that allows packhouses with MacDonalds Fruit Sizers to progressively upgrade their sizer as budget and time allow.
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McDonalds Sizers solenoid update article
Orchardist Magazine article
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Carton Labelling – Orchardist Magazine
An article that covers the requirements of labelling as applied to exported fresh produce.
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Pooling Article – Orchardist Magazine
To Pool or not to Pool. An article that discusses the merits of pooling grower payments and the use of TASC WhirlPool software to make the running of pools easier.
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Treeways Cross-Rod Assemblies
Cross-Rod Assemblies – Inspection, Repair and Adjustment
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Treeways Dropper Assemblies
Dropper Assemblies – Maintenance, Adjustment and Fault-finding
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Treeways Loadcell Calibration
Treeways S100 Loadcell Adjustment
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Describing Products for use in Packhouse and Coolstore systems’

EAN numbers as used in the NZ pipfruit industry.